Tips to Maintain an Aquarium


                Tips to Maintain an Aquarium

Fish tank is a very popular thing in a house for decoration and loving fishes. There are many fish lovers, they love to keep fish aquarium and it also helps for heal our mental health. Keeping fish aquarium is good for vaastu as an Indian culture. Watching fish aquarium and feeding fishes makes us very happy and relax. It is also a part of meditation. There are so many ways to decorate aquarium with stones, plants, toys etc.

Tips to maintain an aquarium are:

1.     Properly condition your water.

2.     Acclimate your fish to the water.

3.     Maintain pH balance and other chemical levels.

4.     Make sure water temperature is right.

5.     Change the water of the aquarium regularly.

6.     Choose the right size for your tank according to the size of the fish.

7.     We should Keep proper oxygen level in aquarium with the help of aquarium air pump and filter.

8.     Pick compatible fish species because there are many kinds of fishes but not every fish can live together. They can fight and harm each other.

9.     Avoid overfeeding your fish. It can make the aquarium dirty and improves ammonia level which is cause of lack of oxygen.

10. Fish quantity and size must be according to the size of the aquarium so they can swim freely.

             Name of Some Aquarium Fishes

One is Chichlid group and another is Gold group.

Chichlid group fishes:

Oscar fish, Flower Horn fish, Parrot fish, Arowana fish, Dollar fish, Fire Mouth fish, Aligator gar, Short Body Flowerhorn, Blue Ocara and there is hunderds of more breeds of Chichlid fishes. They are bit aggressive and  strong.

Gold group fishes:

Gold fish, Oranda gold, Black more, Red Cap fish, Shubunkin, Lionhead gold, Bubble eye gold, Ryukin gold, Pearscale gold, Koi fish, Ranchu gold, Fantain gold and there are many more fishes in gold fish breed. These fishes are not aggressive but are very cool and calm in nature.

Having fish aquarium in our house is a very good hobby and it helps to keep us happy, busy and also helps to bring our mood in meditation way.


Shariq Khan


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