Early to Bed Early to Rise


                 Early to Bed Early to Rise

Now a days people are very busy in their life or having irregular lifestyle. It’s making big harm to their health and lifestyle. They sleep very late and watch mobiles and laptops and busy on social media till late night. Many people are in stress and it’s also a big reason to sleep late night. It is a very true saying “ Early to Bed Early to Rise”. It can change a person with a good life and health.

                             Harms of Sleeping Late

1.   1.  If we sleep late then we will wake up late and our daily routine works will be irregular and late as well.

2.    2. Sleeping late can cause bad digestion and it invites many disease to our body.

3.    3. If we sleep late and wake up early it makes our day very lazy and hard to do work.

4.     4.  Sleeping late can be the cause of gaining our weight which is not good for our health.

5.    5. If we sleep late then there is possibility of having anxiety and depression.

6.    6. If we sleep late then there are big chances of having faulty brain functioning.

7.   7.  Lack of sleep can lead to an increased development of a toxic protein in the brain called beta amyloid.

8.    8. Sleeping late can cause constipation which can be the reason of many body diseases.

There are many more big list of harms of sleeping late which make us unhealthy but these are some important points to keep always in our mind.

                     Benefits of Waking Early

    1.Waking up early will make you feel fresh and more motivated.

2.  2. Waking up will help you make time for good exercise which keeps our body fit and healthy.

3.  3.  Early waking will cause you less stress and keep you fresh.

4.  4.  Waking up early will make your whole day energetic and you can work with more right way.

5.  5. Waking up early kicks out constipation and it helps for fighting many diseases.

Waking up early and doing some yoga also makes you joyful person.

7.   7.  Waking up early improves your mental and physical health.

These are some great benefits of waking up early and keep you fit and healthy.

It is very important to have good diet. We must have our dinner early before going to bed and we must have a healthy breakfast and lunch at proper time. Our food should be with fibres, vitamins and minerals. We must avoid junk food like burger, pizza etc. If we eat good food we will feel energetic and healthy.

There are many more tips to keep us happy and healthy so it’s excellent saying that “ Early to Bed Early to Rise”.


Shariq Khan


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